Application Procedure

How to apply

The application period for the 2017 fall term (classes starting on 16 October 2017) is from 1 January 2017 to 30 April 2017. Applications submitted after this date will not be considered. Only complete applications containing all required documents will be considered.

The application review process involves two elements: First, a check of the applicant's suitability for the program, conducted by the Institute of Sport Science and Sport, and second, a formal review of the applicants' degree certificates conducted by the central university administration.

Step 1:
As a first step, you should send your application documents directly to the Institute of Sport Science and Sport. Please send your application as a hardcopy by mail. Do not send your application by e-mail or fax. The Institute will notify applicants by e-mail upon receipt of the application. Applications will be reviewed by the Institute within 4 weeks of receiving the complete application package. Applicants will be informed of the outcome of the evaluation process by e-mail. So please make sure you provide us with a VALID EMAIL-ADRESS!

Step 2:
As a second step, applicants who have passed the evaluation by the Institute of Sport Science and Sport will be asked to take part in the formal admission process conducted by the central university administration. This phase starts in February 2016. Applicants will receive assistance guiding them through the formal application process.

The central university administration will conduct a formal check of the applicants' degree certificates. Applicants who pass this second evaluation process will receive an official letter of admission to the MA Programme in Spring 2016.

For international applicants:
As international (i.e. non-European Union) students will need the formal admission letter in order to apply for a visa to Germany, these applicants are strongly encouraged to file their application with the Institute of Sport Science as soon as possible.

If the application to the Institute of Sport Science and Sport (Step 1) is submitted later than in February 2017, the full two-step application procedure may not be completed on time to receive a visa for the 2017 fall term.


Required Documents

For Step 1 of the application procedure, you will need to submit the following documents in order to apply to the MA Programme “Physical Activity and Health”:

  • Cover letter describing your interest/motivation to join our programme
  • Curriculum vitae/Resume
  • A list of your previous courses/classes with a high relevance for our Programme
  • For applicants with a degree from a German academic institution:
  • Copies of all degrees from secondary and academic education, including
  • Grade records (e.g. transcript of records, Studienbuch) for each degree
  • For applicants with a degree from an international academic institution:
  • Certified copies of all degrees from secondary and academic education, including
  • Grade records (e.g. transcript of records) for each degree.
  • For non-native English speakers: English language certificate
There are no forms to be completed for this stage of the application process. Application forms for Step 2 will be provided to applicants who have passed Step 1.

Cover letter
The cover letter is an important part of your application. It should express why you are interested in joining our programme and what professional career you envision for yourself afterwards. In addition, the cover letter should state your prior exposure to/experience with the subject areas of physical activity and/or (public) health. The cover letter should also demonstrate your ability to communicate fluently in English. The length of the cover letter should be 1-2 pages.

Curriculum vitae/Resume
Your curriculum vitae/Resume should provide us with brief information on your secondary and academic career. It should list all schools/universities you attended in the last years. Any professional experience (internships/part-time or full-time jobs) relevant to our programme should be listed. It should also include information on your date and place of birth, nationality, and current place of residence. You may use a template like the Europass-CV Template (Download the template and instructions or visit the Europass-Homepage).

Listing of courses/classes with high relevance to our programme
This list should provide us with a brief summary of all classes or coursework that you have attended and that are relevant to the subject areas of physical activity and/or (public) health. Potential examples include courses/classes covering the topics of sport science, physical education, physical therapy, rehabilitation science, kinesiology, gerontology, medicine, public health, epidemiology, research methods, or statistics.

Certified copies (applicants with international degrees only)
You will be asked to submit certified photocopies of all your all degrees from secondary and academic education, including grade records (e.g. transcript of records) for each degree. All copies will have to be sent to us by mail (not by e-mail or fax). Please note that our central university administration requires all copies to be certified.
The central university administration will decide on a case-by-case basis whether the certification of a photocopy is sufficient or not. As a general rule, a certified copy is one that has been declared identical to the original by an authorized individual.

A photocopy will only be considered certified if

  • it bears the stamp of the certifying institution
  • it has been signed by the certifying person
  • the date of certification has been clearly marked next to the signature
  • the institution and person certifying it are authorized to certify photocopies

Usually, every academic institution has administrative staff that are entitled to certify your degrees/records. If in doubt, you can also ask your local German embassy or consulate for institutions issuing certifications that are recognized by German universities.

English language certificate (non-native English speakers only)
Attending an academic MA programme in a non-native language is quite demanding. Your language skills must be sufficient to listen to lecturers, read scientific articles/books, discuss its contents, answer written questions about the contents of texts, and write term papers. All applicants whose native language is not English must therefore submit an English language certificate demonstrating that their language skills fulfill the requirements of our programme.
The minimumlanguage skill level required is B2 of the CEFR European language portfolio. Please visit our"Admission Requirements" section for more information on language certificates.


Where to send your application

Please mail the completed application, along with all necessary documents, to:
Institute of Sport Science and Sport
c/o Jutta Preischl
Gebbertstr. 123b
91058 Erlangen

Please send your application as a hardcopy by mail.
Do not send your application by e-mail or fax!

The deadline for applications is 30/04/2017.


Review of applications

Your application will be reviewed by two faculty members of the ISS. Point scores will be given for your motivational letter (0 to 3 points), your academic degree (0 to 3 points), previous occupational experience in our field of study (e.g. internships; 0 to 3 points), English language skills (0 to 2 points), German language skills (0 to 1 point), completeness of your application package (0 to 3 points).

Applicants with 10 or more points will be admitted to the programme. Applicants with 4 points or less will be rejected. Applicants with 5 to 9 points will be invited to a phone interview to decide whether they will be admitted or not.


Additional information

If you have any questions concerning the content of the Master's program or the application procedure, please contact our program advisor Karim Abu-Omar.